What’s old is new lets party like it’s 92!

So growing up videogames had always been a part of my life starting with the Commodore 64, that was the system that started it all for me! But there was a system that made me go WOW that just blew everything out of the water before it and that system was the Super Nintendo!

The gameboy was my first Nintendo system and after that I was mainly Sega until one Xmas I got a Super Nintendo bundled with Super Mario All-Stars + World.

Now i’m not one to pick a side and boycott the other systems I play what I think is fun and the system I enjoy at that moment in time, but overall I would say for me that the Super Nintendo came out the champion of the 16bit war.

Now let’s fast forward to the modern age where we have consoles that are 4k and can do VR, allow us to play online with friends and people that we have never met before and in some cases may even become friends.

In this age does a system like the Mini Snes have a place? In an age where you can play these games on pretty much any device via emulation or purchase on Nintendo systems such as the Wii / Wii U and in some cases these devices cost less. A simple answer YES it does have a place and you should welcome it with open arms.

What the mini SNES offers is a full scale controller modelled on the original if you hold it you’d think you were holding an original controller the quality is that good which you come to expect from Nintendo products.  The biggest thing that puts me off emulation or Nintendo’s own VC is I like to play old games using the controller they were made for I don’t know why it just feels wrong using anything else, I guess it’s the fond memories I have attached to the originals.

Next you have the system it’s self every detail have been recreated but in mini form and it looks stunning and I hope that Nintendo continue to make these systems I will happily purchase them to line them up infront of my TV.

Going back to the time when this system and the megadrive were battling it out for the top spot the thing I miss most from that era is local multiplayer there was nothing better than sitting down with someone and beating them in a game of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat for me. The thrill of just one more game (it never was just one more game) and the victor is the overall winner, even if you’d lost several games in a row it was all on the line in that final match! Or playing Mario Kart for the first time and shooting your opponent, yes we can do this online but it’s not the same you don’t get the same level of interaction and most importantly you don’t get to see the look on the other players face as you defeat them.

I have played games online with close friends and realised we haven’t even spoken during the play time, sometimes in Mario Kart 8 it can feel like a solo event even though it’s online multiplayer, one big miss for me is the ability to peek at the other players’ screen so I can see where they are on the course, or if they’re winning give them a nudge to put them off.

But you plug in the mini Snes hand your friend a controller and it’s go time, you can’t help but talk to them when playing a selection of the excellent included games especially to brag as you defeat them in the Street Fighter II or if you are really good lap them in Mario Kart you just don’t get that sense of statisfaction online.

I took great pleasure in battering my brother in Street Fighter II, he’s not bad at the newer ones but he was totally useless when he played on the mini SNES but he still enjoyed it all the same and it felt like an overall better experience than when we played Street Fighter V online.

It really does feel like a throwback in time, if you’re a younger reader there’s a chance you might not of even experienced a local multiplayer game and if so I pity you because you’ve really missed out so grab a friend an extra controller and invite them round and game on!

I also had a load of fun showing this to my 5 year old son, he instantly wanted to try Super Mario World and asked why he couldn’t throw “Cappy” at the enemies but he enjoying the game all the same and I saw the same amazement in his eyes that I probably felt when I played this system for the first time.

I had actually intended to review the system in this first blog post but I think I will leave this for another time and go play some of the excellent single player games on offer on the mini SNES, even though Secret of Mana has just been remastered the SNES is still the best way to experience this game in my eyes.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this, and more content will follow in the next day or so.


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