Ain’t no party like a D&D party

So this blog is just a recap basically of last nights D&D game if there’s interest I will pop a sort of highlight reel of my other characters and general D&D.

It’s worth pointing out that this campaign it a custom world written by my DM.

So my Character Dorin the Drow Gloomstalker is travelling with a mix of races and we approached the city of Silvery Moon, and in typical Human fashion they make us all pay a toll and surprise surprise mine is the highest purely because i’m a Drow and I refused to pay so I have to put up with insults like “Shit pixie”

The rest of the party tell me to just brush it off and pay and words are exchanged with the gatekeeper and the toll goes up and up with each exchange! I am now alone outside of the city looking up at the stars, having already inspected the freshly dug graves, having discovered that the dead are possible victims of a recent Vampire attack and there was also a LOT of fresh graves within the city! So maybe outside is the best place to be eh?

Anyway I stick a trap down on the graves, manage to make “friends” with a non human guard called Malik and then decide to have a nap as you would. As time passes i’m awoken by screams coming from the graves and I look over and see two fresh Vampires.

I then gesture to the racist gatekeeper and say something along the lines of “O look Vampires are you going to deal with that?” And I got back “Umm no it’s not my problem it’s yours”

At which point I reply “Nope i’m not fighting for you” I cast rope trick, and disappear and watch from my extra dimensional plaine as the 4 guards outside fight the Vampires. I was willing to drop down into the fight if Malik was in danger.

The best part of this was the DMs face as I basically walked away from the fight he had clearly setup for me leaving him to roll against himself as he was controlling both the Vampires and the guards 😀

So the fight ends Malik and one other guard survive I then drop down and advise that they stake the bodies and also dig up the graves and stake those bodies as well.

Additional words are exchanged with the gatekeeper and my toll goes up again!

I saw such things as “Why would I want to pay to gain entry to a city full of racists that will probably be overran with Vampires soon?” and get back “Shut up shit pixie”.

At this point the rest of the party of happily getting on with there own thing within the city as they have various tasks they wish to complete.

Near the end of the session the guards taunt me “Ha he can’t even fight Konrad would kill him” a heated exchange takes place and I agree to fight Konrad in a duel if I win I get free entry into the city if I loose well I ummm die! I’m told I still have to pay to enter the city to have the duel so I refuse again and agree to be taken as a prisoner to get “free” entry as I am taking away I take great delight in taunting the gatekeeper by pointing out a “shit pixie” has just gotten into his city for free.

This guy totally has big man syndrome as the jailer basically shut him up and said it was now no longer any of his business.

So now Dorin is in jail awaiting a duel to the death with an unknown opponent I don’t even know his race, and apprently the racist gatekeep gets to set the terms, so next week will be interesting.

Could this be the end of Dorin? Or will he survive and gain free entry to the city! Stay tuned to find out!